The right questions

[Please excuse our appearance as I move my scintillating stream of commentary over to WordPress. Thank you, WordPress. Three cheers for open source. And thanks to Nick Dodson for tech support.]

This week seems an auspicious time to be (re)launching a forum for examining the state of digital media. The CRTC has just wound up a month of hearings devoted to its new media proceeding. Looking ahead, several hundred people are relishing the chance to sound off and press the flesh at a new media proceeding with a little more sex appeal. That would be Interactive Exchange 09, aka IN09, which takes place here in Toronto from March 17 through 19.

Sad to say, the Commission didn’t see fit to invite me to appear at their public hearings to explain the subtleties of my 6,000-word intervention. Maybe because my message was, Hey, you guys are asking all the wrong questions. That, however, turns out to be just what IN09 head guy Ian Kelso had in mind for a pair of panel discussions on the Future of the Medium, slated for Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

I’m grateful to Ian for the opportunity to be part of the Wednesday session, headlined The Right Questions. It will be followed Thursday by a debate on The New Rules. You can check out the details here and here. But let’s face it. An hour and change isn’t much time to do justice to the future of the right questions. So in the next few posts I’m going to look at why I think the Commission is on the wrong track – and may harm the interests of the very people it’s trying to help.

Preview: It’s not about the content, stupid.