Stursberg speaks: CBC part 2, better late than never

 “He has been variously been described as brilliant, bad, overbearing, charming, Machiavellian and unpleasant.”

Not to mention one of the sexiest men in Canada.

And here he is, back for Part 2 of our exclusive interview. A little late in coming? Trust us, we’ve had to deal with some really overwhelming technical issues to bring this to you – seriously. Big technical issues.

But that’s all behind us for this week. So you can now enjoy Richard at his best, talking about some of his and your favorite topics…

  • becoming a content company, chasing audiences across all the platforms
  • what happens when Ottawa’s CBC deciders decide not to watch TV
  • how being arrogant affected Richard’s job, or not
  • CBC’s cozy relationship with Apple and the great CBC app it spawned
  • CBC-pinko-bashing at the National Post.

[One of my notes-in-passing… And one of my all-time favorites, especially with a post brewing here on our poor TV broadcasters losing a subsidy – the Local Programming Improvement Fund. Did you realize that, in the province of Ontario, three-quarters of the TV audience belongs to just two of the conglomerates: Bell, at 41%, and Shaw (inc Corus) at 35% – a grand total of 76%! (source: R. Stursberg)

[With the CRTC ripping the heart out of their tiny local businesses, Bell’s chief regulatory officer says loss of the LPIF is “obviously a major concern. It reinforces the very real need for a secondary revenue stream.” We’re Bell, give us back our freaking money! Thus spake Mirko Bibic, the Bell EVP who was last heard telling us congestion was so bad on their access networks they could only survive by driving their competitors into bankruptcy. Hang on to your wallets and watch for the post coming here: “Boo-hoo: Canadian TV owners losing one of their subsidies.”]

Meanwhile, Part 3 of Stursberg Speaks will be up before you know it, or whenever we figure out the rest of those pesky computing, compression, filtering, splicing and FTPing problems, whichever comes first. Oh right, the interview. Here we are…

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