Stursberg speaks: CBC and the meaning of life (part 1 of 2)


“He has been variously been described as brilliant, bad, overbearing, charming, Machiavellian and unpleasant.”


Today we make good on our 3-week-old promise. We’re finally in audio! And to kick it off, we have a (nearly) exclusive interview with Richard Stursberg, booyah!

In our June 4 Almost in audio post, I introduced my partner in crime Devin Harris. Devin’s taking care of our leap into multimedia, which includes doing service as the man behind the mic, as you’ll hear momentarily. 

Our plan is to provide some posts in audio only, particularly interviews. Otherwise, I’ll be posting in prose as usual, while Devin will be turning many of these posts into mp3’s for your listening pleasure. As he’ll be doing some trims and edits along the way, you’ll find a few differences between written and audio versions.

Today’s item is part 1 of 2, and runs about 15 minutes. My voice is on the quiet side, so you may wish to crank up the volume, while shaving the treble to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Btw, in a burst of enthusiasm, we elevated Richard on the recording to former president of the CBC. The position he held was of course Executive Vice-President of CBC’s English services. For further background on Richard and the book, check out the Douglas & McIntyre site here.

Enough intro – time to press PLAY and enjoy! [haiku url=”June 12-RBS-interview-Part-1.mp3″]