Stursberg, part 3: it’s a digital world

Here’s the 3rd and final part of our interview with Richard Stursberg. By this point, we’ve pretty much moved off the CBC to discuss the Internet, cross-platforming and residential broadband.

As Devin notes in the extro, we have more talks planned. Some will be interviews, others more like conversations. We’ve got unconfirmed commitments from the CEO of an indie ISP… the head of one of Canada’s major media lobbies… and an academic (or 2) who specialize in broadband Internet issues. All the fun of a talking blog, with all the substance of ink on paper.
[haiku url=”post-rbs3-aug5.mp3″]
[Hey, speaking of ink, how about that Tower of Babble? Go buy Richard’s book. If it doesn’t make you laugh and cry, get some help.]