Life on the Broadband Internet – almost in audio!

Why read up when you can listen up?

Apparently many otherwise hard-working visitors to this site would rather not eyeball their way through 2000 words of dense English prose – no matter how entertaining. Why can’t I listen to this stuff on the treadmill or while suffocating in a bus on my commute? Good question!

We didn’t need a focus group to tell us to get with the program and go multimedia. The real credit for that goes to our new collaborator Devin Harris – who can write, shoot, edit, analyze and kick yer ass with the best of them.

Dev is the man behind the mic and a survivor of more than 300 hours of David’s classes at York University. He’s keeping it real on Twitter (@Dahar84) with a new high of 8 followers, one of whom is the leader of the free world. A truly multimedia guy who’s already making this enterprise way more fun.

We’ve taken the sonic plunge with the item posted back on May 5 – Dumb things you can do with smartphones (part 2). We’ll have it up for your listening pleasure by Wednesday (or Thursday). Tune in and experience the positive side of market forces!


Happy IPv6 times, now and forever