L.A. Weblog (1)

Introducing my partner David Schwartz, who sends intelligence from the Coast and plenty of it.  We’re experimenting with the original idea – logging travels on the Web. (Editorial remarks by D.E.)

1 – How blogs changed everything

Because the Web comes to us on a screen, it has been easy to misapprehend it as the next phase in the evolution of television.

A lot of people should read this, e.g. cultural lobbyists who say things like “Broadcasting is broadcasting, and the CRTC has a duty to regulate it, whether it’s on a TV, a laptop or a Blackberry.” The Web is not TV on downers.

2 – Calling bullshit on social media

Social media is a stupid term. Is there any anti-social media out there? Of course not. All media, by definition, is social in some way.

Sorry, but TV is in no way social like Twitter is social.

3 – 360i Publishes Social Marketing Playbook

Marketing used to be different – a lot different.

Not so helpful imho. Life is marketing.

4 – How to go viral

Nanostories, self-marketing, flash mobbing.

Viral marketing is a stupid term.

5 – The Future of the Music Industry (18 min video by Gerd Leonhard)

Paying with cash – or attention.

Great stuff, but if you’re in the music biz, you still won’t be convinced.

6 – Social Networks Keep Privacy in the Closet

Why social networking sites feel compelled to bury their privacy settings.

One of the new jobs for us parents in the digital age: building awareness of privacy settings.

7 – The White House Office on Social Innovation: A New Paradigm for Solving Social Problems

Retailer John Wannamaker once famously quipped that “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don’t know which half.”

New FCC chair Julius Genachowski promised a complete website makeover this week. The CRTC should do the same. We (in Canada) need a huge paradigm shift in civic consultation.