Why is TekSavvy getting trashed for not challenging Voltage?


Who knew being an indie ISP could be so tough? 


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One of the most striking things about this case concerns the complaints I’ve seen online about TekSavvy’s role. Probably the busiest place for this conversation is the forum on dslreports.com, which attracts a lot of hardcore geeks. On Saturday [Dec 15], Marc Gaudrault posted a lengthy comment headed “Why we are not opposing motion on Monday” [see Dec 17 post].


On Tuesday, December 18, the day after I posted some comments entitled Watching Voltage and TekSavvy duke it out in Federal Court, my analytics showed almost 1,500 uniques. That number almost doubled by the end of the week, while the bounce rate stayed well under 1%. Continue reading

Watching Voltage and TekSavvy duke it out in Federal Court

Among those who did not turn up at Federal Court Monday morning

Heading down to court Monday morning, I was concerned I might be late to get a seat for the Voltage hearing. I had my iPhone ready to record protestors and general ruckus. But Guy Fawkes was a no-show. I arrived to find the courtroom eerily quiet and half-empty.

What has TekSavvy been required to do for its customers up to now?

Short answer: absolutely nothing. As you read on, keep in mind this case is Voltage vs John Doe and Jane Doe – not vs TekSavvy. Continue reading